May/June 2017 Health Tip of the Month

Old Fashion Foods – A 52-year Family Tradition 

    Old Fashion Foods has been serving the Regina Community for 52 years. As a family owned and operated business, they understand the importance and take pride in providing their customers with knowledgeable staff, quality products and friendly service.

    “Continuing with the family tradition, Old Fashion Foods is owned and operated by the daughter and granddaughter of one of the original owners”, said Janet Odnokon, Marketing Manager of Old Fashion Foods. “Some things never go out of style like good, friendly service and advice you can trust from long term, knowledgeable staff and that is what Old Fashion Foods strives for”.

    In fact, the Old Fashion Foods tradition has grown to five stores in Regina and three rural franchises.

    According to Janet what sets Old Fashion Foods apart from the big box stores is that they truly care about each of their customers on an individual basis.

    “By having long-serving staff we have developed relationships with our clients and many of our customers and staff know each other by name,” said Janet. “Our customers trust us to help them with their health needs and they know they can come to Old Fashion Foods for help and answers to their questions and get quality information on the products we carry.”

    To ensure customers have a thorough understanding of the incredible products they carry, Old Fashion Foods has special information nights.

    “We also have had information nights and Expos open to the public where we bring in world re-knowned speakers in the Natural Health field to help educate and inform our staff and customers in Regina and area,” said Janet. “Our staff regularly attend training sessions put on by our suppliers so they can learn more about the products we carry, what they do and how they can help.”

    These sessions are very valuable as they help the staff provide information, knowledge and expertise to their valued customers.

    “Our staff care about our customers and want to be able to help them,” said Janet. “We have a Customer Appreciation Day on the
first Monday of every month where customers can receive up to 15% off everything in the store.”

    Old Fashion Foods also offers free delivery on orders over $25.00 on weekday afternoons in Regina. Plus, they have a price match guarantee on any identical product they carry and have in stock. Customers just need to bring in a local competitor’s current ad or flyer with the identical product and they will match the competitors regular price.

    For their outstanding attention to customer service, Old Fashion Foods has won multiple Consumer Choice Awards.

    “The Consumer Choice Award started in Regina in 2013 and Old Fashion Foods has been the winner for Health Food Store in Regina every year for the last five consecutive years,” said Janet. “We are very proud of this honour and we strive to continue to be the store people think of first when they need health food products and advice.”

    What makes Old Fashion Foods special and separates them from other health food stores is that it is not a big box store with a board of directors and ownership in another province or country.

    “We are a local family that lives here and raises our family here. We’re your neighbour. Everything goes back into the community and province,” said Janet. “There is a level of trust when you know the people who own the store and their family.”

    While tradition is an important part of Old Fashion Foods success, they also keep up with the changing times with their customers through their interactive website, and active Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages.

    “Old Fashion Foods is only ‘Old Fashion’ when it comes to great, friendly service, quality products and knowledgeable staff,” said Janet.

Regina Stores

Head Office:

501 Victoria Ave.



2425 Quance St. E.



3976 Albert St.



447 Albert St.



4123 Rochdale Blvd.





Old Fashion Foods – Weyburn, Saskatchewan

122 – 3rd. St.

Weyburn, Sask. S4H 0W2

Ph. 1 (306) 842-3003



Old Fashion Foods - Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan

Box 295, 220 A Broadway St. W.

Fort Qu’Appelle, SK S0G 1S0

(306) 332-4464



Old Fashion Foods - Russell, Manitoba

243 Main Street N.

Box 147

Russell, MB R0J 1W0

Phone: 204-773-2244

    On Saturday, June 17, Old Fashion Foods will be holding an ANNIVERSARY SALE at all five Regina locations. The anniversary special features your choice of any two products at 20% off the regular price.

    There will also be free draws for amazing prizes, product demonstrations, free samples, and a BBQ with proceeds going to charity.

    The first 50 customers to each store will receive re-usable Old Fashion Foods Bags filled with gift certificates, samples, gifts, information, books and coupons.

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