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The Benefits of Beets – Why you need Beets in your diet

As our cells convert food into energy, they create by-products called ‘reactive oxidant species’ or ‘pro-oxidants’. Pro-oxidants are also made when the body is exposed to toxins, UV radiation, infection, and inflammation. These pro-oxidants can damage our DNA, organs, and tissues1. Basically, when the body is challenged, injured, or burdened in any way, it makes dangerous pro-oxidants that have the potential to cause long term damage and disease.

It can be challenging for the body to keep up with the demand for antioxidants because we are continually inhaling pollution, putting toxins on our skin, eating processed food, and doing hundreds of other actions that create pro-oxidants in the body. When our defences fall behind, we become vulnerable to damage from oxidative stress caused by pro-oxidants. Oxidative stress plays a role in most chronic health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.

How do Red Beet Crystals help us?

 How to consume Red Beet Crystals


Take 1 tablespoon (5 g) per serving.

Nitrates and Antioxidants for the Win

Beets have a lot of antioxidants

The antioxidants from beetroot juice have been shown to reduce DNA damage caused by pro-oxidants, which can help to reduce the risk of oxidative stress-induced diseases including heart disease and arthritis. Antioxidants from beetroot have also been shown to improve liver function to support detoxification of the body.

This anti-inflammatory action helps to reduce pain, swelling and tissue damage in conditions like arthritis, injuries, and menstrual cramps.