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Prost Force – Prostate Health
Prostate health starts here! Men of all ages need to be pro-active in protecting and improving the health
of their prostate gland. Prairie Naturals Prost-Force include Vitamin B6 and zinc along with potent plant
extracts: Saw palmetto, Pygeum bark, lycopene, stinging nettle root and pumpkin seeds, providing
prostate protection naturally.
• Men in the age category of 40 and beyond
• Men looking to start a preventative regiment for their prostate health
• Men looking for a drug-free, proven effective natural supplement for prostate and urinary tract support
• Men wanting restful sleep, fewer bathroom trips at night
Vigor Force – Libido Support
Have the vigor you want, when you want it! The All-Natural Energizer for Men is better than ever! Vigor-
Force™ is now in soft gel providing an improved delivery system within an enhanced nutrient base. Now
with more “Sexy Time” ingredients – Eurycoma longifolia jack (Tongkat Ali), Rhodiola rosa, Tribulus
Terrestris, Panax ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin seed oil.
• Aging men looking to put some sizzle back in their game!
• Men of all ages experiencing ED*
• Men of all ages wanting more energy and vitality
Test-Force – Testosterone Support
Did you know total testosterone levels start to decline in a man’s thirties at the rate of approximately 1%
per year? Test-Force is formulated with therapeutic doses of standardized extracts which support the
biological systems that encourage optimal natural testosterone levels. Clinical research on standardized
fenugreek extract has been shown to promote healthy testosterone levels by both increasing free
testosterone levels and stimulating testosterone production. The synergistic formula helps to stimulate
the glands that produce testosterone, block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, provide important
nutrients for male hormonal health and block estrogen production.
• A wide variety of men suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED)
• Men with low testosterone
• Men looking to support natural testosterone production
• Men experiencing stress
• Men of all ages wanting more energy and vitalityZMAG Force – Recovery & Performance
ZMag-Force is a combination of minerals, delivered in scientifically proven dosages, shown to increase
testosterone levels and muscle strength, while also improving sleep. With Holy Basil to aid in adrenal
support and hormone balance. Holy Basil helps the body in dealing with the effects of stress and anxiety.
• Men needing to replace critical building blocks of testosterone
• Men looking to improve recovery
• Men under stress
• Athletes
• Men’s experiencing issues falling asleep or having a restful sleep
Andro Force – Hormonal Health
Manopause is real! Also known as the “low-T phenomenon” or “Andropause” when natural testosterone
begins to drop along with muscle tone, strength and sexual stamina. New Andro-Force helps your body
manage stress and cortisol levels which can aid your hormonal feedback mechanisms to boost
testosterone and reduce estrogen levels resulting in a youthful energy.
• Men experiencing Andropause symptoms
• Men under high stress
• Men aged 30 plus who want to improve free testosterone