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Allmax TribX 750 mg, 90 Capsules

Allmax TribX 750 mg, 90 Capsules


  • 90% Furastanolic Saponins
  • Ultra Concentrated Extract
  • Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris


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ALLMAX Nutrition now provides you with the highest quality in pure Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris with TRIBX90®. Laboratory tests have confirmed high levels of Steroidal Saponins at 90% using UV Spectrophotometry Absorption testing.

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

Scientific research has suggested that Tribulus supplements may stimulate the body’s production of luteinizing hormone which in turn promotes the production of Testosterone, the key male hormone responsible for helping to add lean body mass, increase metabolism and support healthy libido or sex drive levels. Studies on Tribulus benefits are ongoing to this day.*

Each capsule of Tribulus extract contains a minimum of 90% Saponins – Double that of other Tribulus products.

The source herb in TRIBX90® has been wild harvested by hand at peak season (just one specific month of the whole year!) to ensure the absolute highest levels of total concentrated alkaloids, a full 90% steroidal saponins – the purest and most concentrated active of phytochemicals! Other lesser source tribulus products on the market are most often at most 40 to 45% saponins. Experience the power of wild crafted Tribulus backed by clinical laboratory testing. You can always trust ALLMAX to bring you the highest quality and potency.*

Tribulus Terrestris has become increasingly popular among athletes because it reportedly increases strength and stamina. Helps support a healthy sex drive naturally and may alleviate tired, weak, moody feelings. Clinical research has shown that Tribulus Terrestris may support healthy libido function in humans, and that it may also support healthy blood pressure and healthy cholesterol profiles already in normal range.*

Suggested Use:  Athletes use Tribulus Terrestris because of the purported effects of helping to ensure their own natural levels of testosterone are at a normal level at all times, especially during times of heavy training. Tribulus continues to be used by some of the worlds’ most elite athletes and has grown in popularity among recreational athletes as well. Popular among bodybuilders, Tribulus Terrestris is the perfect complement to your hardcore training regimen. Clinical research has shown that Tribulus Terrestris may support healthy libido function in humans, which makes TRIBX90® ideal for those requiring that extra boost of sexual energy!




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