Bioquest Bioxy Cleanse, 180 Capsules

Bioquest Bioxy Cleanse, 180 Capsules


Bioxy Cleanse is a unique colon cleanse formulated to detoxify and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, colon, and arteries, thereby energizing the body, relieving constipation, enhancing weight loss and restoring an alkaline environment. Bioxy cleanse caps contain magnesium peroxide compound with oxygen (ozone) and vitamin C with bioflavonoid. Those supplementing with Bioxy cleanse feel re-energized and often experience relief from common digestive upsets such as bloating, nausea, and others.

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Bioxy Cleanse is the Ultimate Colon Conditioning Formula – removing hardened build up attached to the colon walls.It stimulates a natural detoxification by helping to remove all toxins, anaerobic pathogens, parasites, heavy metals and other pollutants within the body. The body’s processes will be rejuvenated, absorption & assimilation will remarkably improve and breeding ground for anaerobic pathogens are eliminated. Bioxy Cleanse works without the use of potentially irritating substances to achieve regular bowel movement.

-Unique O3 Oxygen Ozone Process

-Cleans + Detoxifies + Rejuvenates

-Harmless, Safe, Gentle & Effective

-Will not weaken the colon muscles

-No cramping or bloating

-More effective than psyllium or herbal products

Colon Cleansing

The body has effective ways of dealing with toxins and waste products.  Sometimes these pathways are not working up to speed or become blocked.  The backup of waste material makes it harder for the rest of the body to function normally and ultimately leads to disease.

A back up of fecal matter in the colon allows toxins to be reabsorbed into the system.  Therefore cleansing of the colon itself is important but colon function is also important when you are cleansing any other organ.

How to Support Healthy Colon Function

-Consume an adequate amount of fibre, between 25-35g daily.

– Take a fibre supplement such as psyllium or flax to help promote regularity.

– Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetable daily.

-Exercise daily to promote regularity.

-Avoid sugar and refined flour products.

-Drink 8 glasses of pure water daily.

-Drink warm water with fresh lemon upon waking to regulate liver and colon function and stimulate detoxification.

-Take Probiotics such as acidophilus.

– Do complete colon cleansing at least once or twice a year.


Constipation is not a disease in itself but it is a symptom of another problem.  It is defined as difficulty in passing stool or the infrequent passage of stool.  The resulting stool may cause pain and bleeding as it passes, because it is so hard and dry.  Constipation is very unhealthy because it impedes the ability of your body to release toxins.  Most cases of constipation can be improved with lifestyle and diet changes.  If those changes do not seem to help then a further investigation should be performed to rule out more serious pathology.

Natural and conventional treatment of constipation involves the use of laxatives.  Just because a laxative is natural does not mean that you cannot become dependent on it.


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