Celebration Organic Hawthorn Leaf & Flower Tea, 24 Bags

Celebration Organic Hawthorn Leaf & Flower Tea, 24 Bags


Hawthorn is found mainly in Europe, eastern Asia, and eastern North America. Its use has been growing since the 1800’s. In Britain, Hawthorn was an important part of many May festivals and was known as ‘May flower’. In France, Hawthorn goes by the name “l’epine noble” (a noble thorn) from the belief that the crown of thorns worn by Christ was made of its branches.

Hawthorn boasts dark-green lobed, toothed leaves and in late spring it yields clusters of lovely, sweet scented white flowers. The interaction of leaf and flower make for a taste that is sweet, yet slightly bitter.

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Organic Hawthorn Herb (Crataegus oxyacantha)

All the herbs in this tea are organically grown and prepared, ensuring their natural taste and active properties are enjoyed in every cup of tea. Our organic audit trail enables traceability from the field to your table.

• Good water is an essential part of brewing a great cup of tea. We recommend using spring or filtered water.
• Be sure to relax! Some of the most enjoyable aspects of tea are the calmness and ritual that surround it.
• If you desire a medicinal tea: This herb has a tough cellular structure and some heat is required to release all of it’s medicinal properties and flavour. Use one tea bag per cup of hot water in a stainless steel or glass pot, cover, boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 10 to 20 minutes. This is known as the decoction method. Extra tea can be kept in a covered glass jar for a day or two in the refrigerator.
• If you desire a pleasure tea or quick brew, use one teabag per cup of hot water. Pour boiling water over teabags, cover, and let steep 5 to 7 minutes to taste. Enjoy!

No flavourings, preservatives or sweeteners of any kind.


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