Drizzle Honeycomb, 200g

Drizzle Honeycomb, 200g


Drizzle Honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about. We’re completely raw, bee-friendly, and support Canadian beekeepers too!

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Drizzle Honeycomb is a rare and sweet indulgence. The light wax combs are 100% edible and filled to bursting with fresh, delicious honey that you can eat with a spoon. Honeycomb is the rawest form of Drizzle Honey and is a luxurious topping or pairing for cheese, fruit, meat, and bread. An essential for any charcuterie board!

Oneroot comb honey is as raw as it can get. This round comb honey is untouched by human hands and come straight from the beehives in the vast wilderness of Northern Alberta.

There is more pollen, propolis, and beeswax compared to any other type of honey. Everything in the container is edible. It’s like chewing candy, but healthier!

As with all of our honey, this honey comb is free of antibiotics and is single-sourced.

Please note the texture will vary greatly depending on the season. During warm season, it will be soft or runny. During cold seasons, it will crystallize and harden. This is a 100% natural honey that is temperature sensitive.

If your comb honey is crystallized, put it in an oven and turn on the light only (no heat). The warmth from the light bulb will liquidize the crystallized honey.

Ingredients:  100% Natural Comb Honey


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