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Foot Fresh 23g

Foot Fresh 23g


  • Are your kids sneakers outside the door because of foot odor?
  • Is foot odor destroying your shoes?
  • Is embarrassing foot odor affecting your personal and business relationships?
  • Is your foot odor causing you embarrassment in the workplace and in social situations?
  • If you answered yes, to any of the questions above, then try the best foot odor control product on the market today.


FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant is an all natural foot care product (CREAM )which contains no aluminum or alcohol. This deodorant leaves your feet feeling soft, dry and odor-free. Be absolutely confident that you or your family will never experience embarrassing foot odor as long as FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant is used as little as once a week, even after showering, bathing, or any strenuous activity. Yes, you can shower or bath anytime you choose



The patented formula works by killing the fungus and bacteria on the skin that causes foot odor. A three and one half year Scientific Study has proven ant-bacterial, anti-fungal FOOT FRESH deodorant to be 99% effective for up to seven days . It takes up to two weeks for the bacteria and fungus to come back or regenerate. So, this is the product you need to apply only once a week! This long lasting herbal cream deodorant does not need to be applied daily. This foot care product has not been tested on animals.
FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant has been endorsed by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiropodists for SEVERE FOOT ODOR. Many Health Care Professionals are using FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant for their most difficult patients including those who have diabetes. FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant is the best foot deodorant product for severe foot odor on the market today.
Guaranteed or your money back! Simply return unused portion in the jar.


The PATENTED FORMULA contains no aluminum or alcohol. The formula containing calendula oil, arnica oil and Natural Vitamin E is gentle to the skin, yet very effective. Calendula oil was used in WW! as an antiseptic directly on soldiers wounds. It comes from the calendula plant which is a cousin of the marigold family which you can grow in your flower garden. You can eat the petals of the calendula flower in your salad. Arnica oil comes from the arnica plant grown in the mountains in Europe where it is used for healing bruises. In Canada, it is used for healing bruises on sports teams. FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant leaves your feet feeling soft. dry and ODOR-FREE. SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant is good for the whole family and leaves feet smelling clean, soft and ODOR-FREE

  • it builds confidence and self-esteem and allows complete freedom of choice in footwear. no longer need to buy cheap throw away shoes because of foot odor. You can purchase better quality shoes, which will give you better support so that you are not tired at the end of your work day.
  • economical, convenient to use and easy to apply. 23 g (3/4 oz. jar lasts 4 to 5 months) There are 28.4 grams in one ounce.

Directions for use: Wash feet especially between the toes, dry with clean towel, apply FOOT FRESH deodorant between the toes every second day for the FIRST WEEK ONLY. Thereafter apply about once a week. If odor persists, clean up under the toenails and push some deodorant up under the toenails. There is no need to apply the deodorant over the whole foot., just between the toes and up under the toenails. FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant protects against foot odor for up to seven days with only one application even after showering, bathing or any strenuous activity.

SHOES SMELLING FROM FOOT ODOR? Wipe out the inside of your shoes with a solution of 70% hot water and 30% laundry bleach like Javex or Clorox. Use a damp cloth only. Do NOT saturate your shoes. This will kill the bacteria and fungus in the shoes and prevent cross contamination. Put on an old t-shirt for this job as bleach can ruin your clothing. You won’t have to go out and purchase new shoes; you will be able to continue to wear your old ones. Clean all your old shoes at once. The clean up of your shoes is a one time job. Using the FOOT FRESH deodorant will keep your feet smelling sweet and your shoes too

You literally have nothing to lose when you purchase this proven FOOT CARE product!! Money -Back Guarantee.

For such a high quality foot care product, FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant offers the best value of any similar product on the market today. There is nothing more embarrassing than foot odor. Now you can have complete confidence that you or family members will not have foot odor when used as little as once a week.

P.S. Imagine having to apply this product only once a week and being completely FREE of Embarrassing FOOT ODOR!


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