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Howland’s Honey Creamed

Howland’s Honey Creamed


Howland’s Honey is 100% Saskatchewan produced, naturally white honey.  It is Creamed & Unpaseurized.

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What Is Honey?  Honey is primarily composed of nearly equal proportions of fructose, glucose, plus other sugars and water. Honey contains over 180 different substances including acids (18), minerals (12), amino acids (18), enzymes (5), bioflavonoids (18), aroma compounds (26), trace elements (17), vitamins (6), and lipids (8).

Is Howland’s Honey Pasteurized?  No, our honey is not pasteurized. Saskatchewan honey granulates (crystalizes) within weeks of being extracted and in order to pack the honey from our honey storage drums into the containers you buy it in, we need to heat the honey enough to re-liquefy and pass it through a cloth filter; removing any wax or particle from the honey. Most enzymes found in honey are heat stable, and lightly heating the honey for short periods of time does not affect the enzymes naturally found there. The pasteurization of honey is primarily done to destroy the crystal structure inherent in the honey, ensuring that it remains in a liquid state on the store shelf. Pasteurizing honey by heating it past 160 degrees for a sustained amount of time, destroys the enzyme content and greatly decreases its healthful benefits.

What Is Creamed Honey?  Since the honey produced in our area will granulate (crystalize) unless heated to a high temperature and since that granuatlion may not produce the kind of smooth creamy product our customers have come to love, we seed the honey with a finely granulated white honey before packaging. The seed starts a chain reaction of rapid granulation within the honey, resulting in honey that we describe as creamed. It spreads like butter, but doesn’t run up your wrist or into your lap!.

Creamed honey is a Canadian phenomenon, kept at room temperatures, it has a virtually never ending shelf life. Slightly warming the creamed product will return it to its liquid state for easy use in baking recipes and sauces. If there is a problem with creamed honey, it’s that it is too easy to use and as a result, may not last as long as the other honeys you’ve tried!

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