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Howland’s Honey Liquid

Howland’s Honey Liquid


Howland’s Honey is 100% Saskatchewan produced, naturally white honey.  It is in a liquid state and unpasteurized.

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What is Honey?  Honey is primarily composed of nearly equal proportions of fructose, glucose, plus other sugars and water. Honey contains over 180 different substances including acids (18), minerals (12), amino acids (18), enzymes (5), bioflavonoids (18), aroma compounds (26), trace elements (17), vitamins (6), and lipids (8).

What Is Raw Honey?  Our raw honey is packed during the summer extraction season and has not been heated nor filtered in any way. This honey is extracted from the comb, given time to settle and then packed into containers for sale. During the summer months, we also offer honey in the comb for purchase at our farmer’s markets.

“Raw” honey is a relatively new term in the honey industry referring to honey that has been minimally processed. Here at Howland’s Honey, we process our honey as little as possible. Our regular creamed and liquid honey have been filtered to remove any particle, therefore meeting the standard of a No1 grade honey. In order to filter the honey, we apply enough heat to re-liquify it from its granulated state. Although many would qualify our regular creamed and liquid honey as raw because of its minimal processing, those who want their honey even less so can purchase our “Raw Unfiltered” product at any of our farmer’s markets. NOTE: None of our honey is pasteurized.

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