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Mighty Manna Bread, Cinnamon Date, 400g

Mighty Manna Bread, Cinnamon Date, 400g


What is Manna Bread?

Manna Bread® is hand crafted from sprouted whole organic grains and slowly baked at a temperature much lower than conventional bread. Manna Bread is not gluten free, and not a raw food.  Manna Bread is remarkably simple and wholesome, best described as a unique, cake-like sprouted bread, made of all-organic and kosher ingredients, such as whole wheat, whole rye, and whole seeds, as well as dried no-sugar-added fruits and shelled nuts. It is not really a traditional sliced sandwich bread, but much more moist and can best be compared to a muffin. Tastes great toasted, with butter, nut butter or fruit spreads, or with soups, on salads etc.

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Fully sprouted whole grains (over 3 days)

No added gluten

No Flour

No added salt

No added yeast (yeast free bread)

No Preservatives

No Sweeteners

Oil Free

Organic and Kosher Parve certified, GMO free


Our sprouted Manna Bread® line is very easy to digest, since it’s all fully sprouted wheat- and/or rye grains, which we use after sprouting them for over 3 days. But it is not a gluten free food.

Ingredients: Sprouted organic whole wheat kernels, filtered water, organic dates (extruded dates, oat flour) ((May contain pits.)), organic cinnamon.

Contains: Wheat

FYI: The dates we use are organic dates, they are extruded and then dusted in a very small amount of oat flour, so as to not clump together.

“Produced in a facility that contains tree nuts, soy, sesame and wheat.”


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