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Mozi-Q, Tablets

Mozi-Q, Tablets



  • It works within 30 minutes of taking it.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It works on other bugs aside from mosquitoes like ticks and head lice.
  • Product can be taken every 2-3 hours starting right before you go outside.
  • There are no contraindications.
  • Homeopathic medicine is by definition non-toxic.


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Take Back the Outdoors!

Tired of stinky, gooey sprays, lotions and potions to try and keep mosquitoes at bay?

Mozi-Q is your answer! For all outdoor enthusiasts and those who would like to be but have reactions to bug bites–you now have a new, easy-to-use oral repellant allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors without being “bugged”.

Since no one can guarantee that you will never be bitten by a bug again, Xerion Dispensary has designed this formula to reduce the frequency of bites as well as the reactions that people have to bites. No more itching and big red bumps! No more smelly sprays or stinky coils…what a great ally for camping, golfing, hiking, biking. This could revolutionize the whole outdoor experience!

Mozi-Q is a homeopathic formula in the form of a chewable pill.

Ingredients: What’s in it?

Mozi-Q is a formula containing five homeopathic remedies:

  • Staphysagria
  • Ledum palustre
  • Urtica urens
  • Cedron
  • Grindelia

They are in low C and D potencies, thereby acting at the physical level for their common indication, to reduce the frequency and severity of insect bites.

Has it been studied?

In the ’60s a homeopath by the name of HR. Trexler studied Staphysagria for its effectiveness at preventing mosquito bites. In a study of 421 subjects over a 4 year period, he found this remedy to be 90% effective.

Tried and True!

We have tested this remedy in our clinic over four mosquito seasons and found the response from the public confirmatory of Trexler’s findings.

The principle behind it.

The founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann gave us the principle of homeoprophylaxis when he visited homes wherein one or several family members were stricken with Scarlet Fever. He gave the sick ones Belladonna, a match for the illness based on the Law of Similars. Those in the household exposed to the disease also received a dose of Belladonna to prevent them falling ill. Thus, the principle of dosing a remedy preemptively, ‘homeoprophlyaxis,’ became part of the practice of homeopathy.

Applied to Mozi-Q, remedies used for the treatment of insect bites and stings should prevent bites and stings…and, that’s what Trexler proved in his study.

Susceptible? That is the question!

In infectious illness or bug bites, we have seen that some folks are more susceptible than others. You may have a sister that never gets sick, and a brother that catches every cold and ‘flu’ going around. You may also have noticed that some get accosted by mosquitoes readily, get many bites that swell and drive them to distraction. Others in the same environment get only one or two bites that disappear quickly without much ado. Simply put, some are more susceptible than others. Mozi-Q is designed to change the individual’s susceptibility such that insects are less inclined to bite, and if they do, the effects of the bites subside quickly without the usual suffering.

Combining Forces

The formulator of Mozi-Q has added four other plant remedies with similar indications to Staphysagria to cover the susceptibility of more people.  In their homeopathic potencies, they are non-toxic and safe to use as indicated. At low potency, they do not interfere with other homeopathic treatment.


There are no interactions with medications or other treatments or preventative measures for bug bites.  Homeopathic remedies are by definition non-toxic.

Mozi-Q’s Uses


Mozi-Q has multiple uses for travel. Since prevention of insect bites is of primary importance, Mozi-Q should be taken every time you go out, repeated every 2 to 3 hours depending on exposure level.

Tick Bites

Ticksare arachnids who live by hematology on the blood of mammals and other animals. If there are ticks in your area, they are one of the many good reasons to use Mozi-Q when you are working or playing outside this spring and summer. Mozi-Q will reduce your vulnerability to ticks, making your treks through the woods safer.

If a tick is found, it should be removed mechanically with fine-tipped tweezers, grasping the tick as close to the skin as possible. The site should be disinfected immediately and the tick kept for examination by medical authorities for identification and to determine whether any parts have been left behind.

Head Lice

The beautiful thing about Mozi-Q is that it’s not limited to outdoor bugs, but the ones that live indoors too! When you’re deep into winter, the risk of lice and lice transfer increases significantly!

Take Mozi-Q at the first sign of lice or if there is risk out an outbreak! Mozi-Q will not only prevent Lice but it will heal those bites and discourage those little “buggers” from feed off of you and your family!

Black Flies

Mozi-Q is a remedy that reduces the frequency and intensity of bites from blood-sucking insects, including black flies. Be sure to take a dose toward the end of the afternoon, as they are most active in the last 2 or 3 hours of sunlight, and repeat every 2 to 3 hours while exposed.

Mosquito Bites

Adults chew 1 tablet daily, or every 2-3 hours, to a maximum of 8 tablets daily, or as directed by a health care practitioner. Consult a health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

Bed Bugs

Mozi-Q is a remedy that reduces the frequency and intensity of bites from blood-sucking insects, including bed bugs. While care should be taken to check hotel room beds, if one is  exposed, Mozi-Q will reduce the severity of rashes, reactions, as well as the  number of bites.

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