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Quantum TheraZinc Echinacea, Cherry-Mint Rolls, 14 Lozenges

Quantum TheraZinc Echinacea, Cherry-Mint Rolls, 14 Lozenges


Effective Zinc and Echinacea Immunity Blend*

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Get your favorite TheraZinc® Echinacea Lozenges in a convenient travel roll! These lozenges are a refreshing and soothing way to meet immune challenges. You’ll also benefit from other immune health herbals including:

  • Echinacea – For overall immune system support*
  • Slippery Elm – To promote throat comfort*

Our lozenges are the easiest way to deliver immune supporting zinc in a targeted, bioavailable form. Zinc gluconate is the chelated form that has been used in multiple immune health studies.* Our lozenge delivery releases the zinc ions in your mouth and throat for effective immune support. Other forms of zinc may not convey consistent effects.*

Natural menthol, mint, and cherry flavors.

Ingredients: Vitamin A (from retinyl acetate), Zinc (from Zinc gluconate), Slippery Elm Bark Extract, Bee Propolis Extract, Echinacea purpurea Root (4:1 extract)

Other Ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Fructose, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source), Malodextrin, Peppermint Oil, Stevia Leaf Extract (S. Rebaudiana), Cherry Flavor


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