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Santevia Gravity Water System Mineral Stones

Santevia Gravity Water System Mineral Stones


Mineral Stones are a combination of maifan stones and bio-ceramic energy balls. The mineral stones are the 7th stage in the Santevia Gravity System.

  • They continuously release easily absorbed minerals into the water, including calcium, magnesium, phosporus and potassium
  • When removed from its source of alkalinity, the pH of water will decrease. The mineral stones maintain the alkalinity of your water, while adding trace minerals
  • Mimics the effect of the rocks that line fresh mountain streams for great tasting water
  • Compatible with the Gravity Water System


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  • Filter Life: up to 2 years

1 review for Santevia Gravity Water System Mineral Stones

  1. Will

    This works awesome. I use it in my Berkey to Alkalize the water even more. I also noticed a difference in taste. My water taste like its from a cold glacial fed river and very smooth. If you drink Reverse Osmosis water, this is a must have as reverse osmosis water is very acidic and has no minerals in it and will make you more thirsty.

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