Sun Chlorella “A”, 300 Tablets

Sun Chlorella “A”, 300 Tablets


High quality chlorella abundantly contains the basic nutrient required for health…

Sun Chlorella “A” is a high quality and balanced nutritional supplement rich in various nutrients. Sun Chlorella “A” contains nutrients in green and yellow vegetable such as essential amino acids, protein, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and carotene that are essential to healthy body. Above all, 60% of protein is contained which is not found in most food. And because we use Chlorella pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain) that is cultivated outdoors, our chlorella extract contains much chlorella growth factor (C. G. F.). Our unique and patented technology succeeds in breaking down the cell walls by at 90%, thereby solving the only remaining problem of tough cell walls that hindered digestion and absorption. Hence this product is sure to satisfy not only first-time users, but also those who experienced dissatisfaction with conventional chlorella products or other health foods. Also available in granule form.

The certified logo of JHFA on Sun Chlorella “A”

The certified logo of JHFA is permitted to use only for products that have passed through strict examination based on the product specifications and standards.

This product was manufactured at a certified factory that meets the dietary / food supplement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards of the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association.


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Per 100g

General Composition

Moisture 4.2g
Fat 11.8g
Protein 56.6g
Carbohydrate 10.9g
Fiber 10.3g
Ash 6.2g
Calorie 397kcal


Calcium 433mg
Iron 113mg
Magnesium 298mg
Zinc 1.13mg
Copper 0.52mg
Potassium 1,020mg
Sodium 46.5mg
Iodine Not detected
Phosphorus 1,320mg
Manganese 5.02mg
Chromium 500µg


Chlorophyll 2,370mg
Chlorophyll b Detected
Carotene 31,500µg
Vitamin B1 1.55mg
Vitamin B2 4.76mg
Vitamin B6 1.84mg
Vitamin B12 230µg
Vitamin C 14mg
Vitamin D 1,360µg
Vitamin E 6.2mg
Vitamin K1 1,240µg
Vitamin K2 Not dectected
Niacin 45.9mg
Pantothenic acid 1.79mg
Folic acid 1,400µg
Biotin 227µg
Inositol 318mg

Amino acids

Isoleucine* 2.03g
Leucine* 4.48g
Lysine* 3.14g
Methionine* 1.24g
Cystine 0.65g
Phenylalanine* 2.58g
Tyrosine 1.94g
Threonine* 2.49g
Tryptophan* 1.09g
Valine* 3.09g
Arginine 3.26g
Histidine* 1.04g
Alanine 4.17g
Aspartic acid 4.71g
Glutamic acid 6.03g
Glycine 2.99g
Proline 2.56g
Serine 2.12g

Fatty acids

Saturated fatty acids 2g
n-3 fatty acid 2.1g
n-6 fatty acid 2.2g


GABA 13mg
Lutein 192mg

*Essential amino acids

*This table shows an example of analytical value by Japan Dairy Technical Association.
Determination limit of Vitamin K2 : 5μg
Determination limit of Iodine : 0.05mg


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