Wildly Coconut Milk Powder, 454g

Wildly Coconut Milk Powder, 454g


The Creamy Coconut Powder You’ve Been Searching For!

Wildly Organic is pleased to present this luscious dehydrated coconut powder. This product is the dehydrated coconut powder (conventional, not organic powder) we’ve sold to satisfied customers for many years. The powder is 90% pure coconut, with 1% sodium caseinate and 9% maltodextrin. It’s pure white, smooth, silky, and definitely contains the sweet taste of coconuts. It’s so good, many people eat it right off the spoon!

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This powder makes thick, rich coconut milk. It contains 90% dehydrated coconut milk. We add just a touch of maltodextrin, a corn-derived ingredient that adds a little sweetness and contributes to the deliciously thick nature of the coconut milk our powder produces. There is also a small amount of sodium caseinate, a milk protein, that keeps the fat content in the powder suspended, keeping the milk silky smooth. Made of 65% rich coconut oil, our coconut powder is rich in the medium-chain fatty acids for which coconut oil is famous.

So Many Delicious Uses For Coconut Powder

Coconut milk powder makes it easy and convenient to add coconut milk or cream to any meal. Make as much or as little as you need. Mix it up ahead of time and use it over cereal, or make it on an as-needed basis for recipes. This is the best product for making curry; just add it to the stir-fried vegetables along with curry spices. It is ideal for breakfast recipes, holiday treats, beverages like soothing Golden Milk, or a refreshing popsicle. Adding this non-dairy milk powder to your coffee is a fantastic way to keep your morning coffee routine intact if you’re dealing with an allergy or sensitivity to dairy products.

Dehydrated coconut milk brings the convenience of long-lasting shelf life to the consumer. Coconut powder makes getting clean, rich coconut milk simple — just add hot water. There are so many reasons that this delicious powder should become a staple in your pantry, so order yours today!


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