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Here at Old Fashion Foods, we believe in the products we sell because we use them ourselves, too!

To highlight some of the great products we carry, we surveyed the Old Fashion Foods staff to find out their favourites. Starting off our Staff Favourites Series, here are Em’s favourites: Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep and CanPrev Healthy Hair.

We asked Em why she loved Tranquil Sleep and she had this to say:

“Tranquil Sleep has helped me so much. I’ve been taking it for about 8 years now on and off, not necessarily every night, but if I’m ever having issues falling asleep it’s my go to. I personally use the chewable ones because they’re super convenient and honestly, I think they work faster. Not to mention the fact that they taste great! I take them when I start getting ready for bed in the evening and by the time I’m tucked in, I’m starting to get sleepy. Not only do they help me fall asleep, typically when I take them I don’t have any issues by waking up in the middle of the night either! I recommend them to pretty much anyone who comes in looking for any sort of help with regards to sleeping issues.

The CanPrev Healthy Hair is my go-to for anyone having issues with losing hair or anyone wanting to grow their hair in thicker. I’m a chronic, compulsive head-shaver — whenever I get too bored or uncomfortable with my long hair (ponytail headaches are the worst!) or just really want to change things up, I shave my head. But the problem then is that I get bored with my shaved head and there’s not much you can do to style that, and you can really only colour your hair so much. I tried Healthy Hair once on a whim after learning a bit about it from someone at CanPrev, and I’m so glad that I did. Within about 18 months of taking the product I went from a few inches of growth to nearly shoulder-length hair, and it was the thickest and healthiest it has ever been. I can’t say enough how much I love this product.”

If you want to try either of these great products, stop in at any of our five locations in Regina.

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